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WagnerTech aims to foster collaboration for a community of students, faculty, and professionals who are driven to leverage technology for social good

Spring 2017 Events

Mapping for Policy Change

When: Thursday, February 2nd from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Where: Jersey Conference Room, Puck Building

Learn the basics about mapping tools with a quick and painless introduction to GIS, qGIS, and Carto. Then, bring your laptop to participate or just follow along as Chris Whong demonstrates a mapping project in Carto using open data.

NYU Tech Meetup

When: Friday, April 7th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Where: Rudin Room, Puck Building

Come together with current NYU graduate students from other schools (Stern, Tandon, CUSP, ITP) and alums for an evening of lightning-presentations on pressing topics in tech and public policy followed by a networking mixer.

Civic Tech: Participatory Budgeting and Open Gov

When: Date and Location TBA (late April)

How are civic tech tools changing the landscape of public policy and government? Join us for a discussion of NYC's Participatory Budgeting and open government policies.

Engage with active professional networks for continuous learning and inspiration for the use of technology for social change

Executive Board

How can we bridge the gap between technology and public service?

Fernanda Villasenor, Co-Chair

I am a Master´s of Urban Planning candidate, specializing in International Development. I completed a B.A., majoring in International Relations and a Certificate of Political Studies at Science Po in France. Before moving to New York, I was living in Mexico, where I worked for the last three years for the Mexico City government on issues concerning civic innovation and urban creativity. Previously, I worked for several NGO´s as a project coordinator and served as an intern for a marketing company in Germany. I am specifically interested in the applications/implications of technology in the revitalization of urban environments, placemaking and local government performance. I look forward to connecting with the tech community at Wagner!

Ashley Smith, Co-Chair

Ashley Smith is a Master of Urban Planning student at NYU Wagner specializing in Environment, Infrastructure and Transportation. She completed her B.A. in English at University at Buffalo in 2012, writing her thesis on ecology in 20th century American literature. Following graduation, Ashley worked for the Elmwood Village Association, a community-development non-profit in Buffalo, NY where her role as communications coordinator increasingly involved her in urban planning issues. In 2014, Ashley participated in One Region Forward’s inaugural Citizen Planning School with a plan to develop a bicycle wayfinding signage system to dovetail with the city of Buffalo’s Bicycle Masterplan and took an active role on Buffalo’s Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Board to the Common Council.

Joyce Choi Li, Vice Chair

Joyce is a first-year part-time MUP student planning to specialize in Environment, Infrastructure, and Transportation. After graduating from Hampshire College with a B.A. in Urban Studies and Political Philosophy, she cut her political teeth for six years as a community organizer and digital strategist for LGBTQ, anti-poverty, and police accountability campaigns. She then joined the New York City Council Speaker's Office where she worked on immigration, transportation, and technology issues, including the implementation of IDNYC, Vision Zero, and Council 2.0. She currently serves as the Council's Manager of Technology Projects and Partnerships. A Brooklyn boroughbred, she enjoys making dumplings in her spare time and is eagerly awaiting the day she can resume biking to work.

Shumao Huang, Vice Chair of Finance

First-year graduate student in MPA with strong interest in tech and data. Always on the way to explore the world and beyond with curious eyes.

Karina Vangani, Vice Chair of Communications

Karina Vangani is pursuing Masters in Urban Planning at NYU Wagner with a specialization in Transportation, Environment and Infrastructure. She completed her Bachelors in Planning from CEPT University, India. She is interested in sustainability, data and technology. Previously, she has worked in the Department of City Planning of New York City as well the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Caroline Peri, Board Rep

Caroline is a Master of Urban Planning candidate with a concentration in Housing and Economic Development. Prior to moving to New York City, she spent six years living and working in Baltimore, MD. Most recently, she served as the Director of Economic Development for Baltimore's business improvement district, where she worked with local real estate developers, helped attract and retain tech firms, and conducted a wide variety of research.

WagnerTech membership is open to NYU Wagner and NYU. Our events are open to the NYU community and the general public.


WagnerTech fosters a vibrant community of students, faculty and professionals at NYU Wagner who are driven to leverage technology for innovation in public service. WagnerTech provides opportunities for skill-building, networking and connecting with the latest technologies in the field.


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